404: Not Found

The 404 or “Not Found” error dates back to the nineteen hundreds, when public masturbation was legal and Sailor Jerry didn’t taste shit. The Hypertext Transfer Protocol response code indicates that to the internet super highway user that the server, or “magic box”, was found but couldn’t find the page you were looking for.

Back in the day this was because Hitler had all the even numbered pages taken away to a “holiday camp” where they enjoyed their weight in profiteroles. These days the pages have a union and demand “rights”, so you can’t expect anything to be where its supposed to be. The “Not Found” error is the most common on the highway, making it an increasingly useless tool for people looking for midget porn.

A 404, which backwards spells 404, should not be confused with “Server Not Found” or “I’m a teapot”, which indicate that the magic box couldn’t be found at all, most likely due to the reckless acts of a Romanian. If a friend gives you a link that results in a 404 you should cease operation of your relationship immediately, as friends don’t give friends salmonella.

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