Version 0.4

As promised, it was always my intension to allow you to export your data from Gaming with Lemons. GWL has always been open source, allowing you to self host the project and use the data as you see fit, but with today’s update, you can now use our site and get your information out at any time. Your data is always yours, and should you decide to leave, your data can go with you.

Today’s update also brings a couple of nice features, such as the ability to see a breakdown of your collection and it’s completion rate by platform. You can also now easily see which of the people you follow have completed or played a game and discover new users with the “Who's played this?” feature.

Finally, the hugely requested “forgot your password” page has been added so users can reset their passwords.

As always, if you have an idea, feedback or criticism you can send it to me via the social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google+) or via a GitHub issue.


  • Feature: Export collection to CSV. #73
  • Feature: View collection completion by platform. #36
  • Feature: Forgot your password. #44
  • Feature: "Who's played this?" show users who have completed / played a game on game pages. #59
  • Feature: Make Android status bar lemon yellow. #60
  • Change: Reduce width of profile page side bar. #56
  • Change: Upgraded to CodeIgniter 2.2.3
  • Change: Upgraded to Ignition 0.4.0 #72