Version 0.3 and a website foundation

Version 0.3 and a website foundation

It's that time again!

This release adds a new “What’s Happening” feed when you login. By default this shows your recent activity, but you can add other users into the mix by visiting their profile and hitting the “Follow” button. Also, posting a comment on a feed item will now bump it to the top so others can see it, no matter how old the original activity was. Speaking of comments, this blog now has them!

You may not have worked it out yet, but the comment box supports formatting, links and images using markdown. In this release I’ve extended the markdown syntax to add support for YouTube videos using the format !{youtube}(l7iVsdRbhnc) (replace curly brackets with square brackets).

The other part of this release is a restructure of the codebase to create a new open source project I’m calling Ignition. Ignition is a foundation that a website can be built on. I’ve separated GWL’s registration, login, profile management, lightweight blog and commenting system from the rest of the site and packaged it so that any website can be built on it.

This is a self-serving project. I want to build other sites, but don’t want to write functionality that they all share multiple times. By building Ignition, I can start with the solid foundation and get right to the exciting part. And when I add a new common feature, such as the highly requested password reset page, all the sites built on Ignition will benefit from it. I made this project for myself, but like GWL it’s open source, so if this sounds like something that would help you too, check it out.

Special thanks to Shi9k and taztwister for the feedback that contributed to this release and Michael Orson for the new logo design. As always, if you have an idea, feedback or criticism you can send it to me via the social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google+) or via a GitHub issue.


  • Feature: You can now follow users. #29
  • Feature: You can see what you and your followers have done recently in a new homepage feed. #29
  • Feature: HTTPS is now supported and enforced. #50
  • Feature: Added comments to blog posts. #12
  • Feature: Added a blog post archive.
  • Feature: Added YouTube support to markdown using the format !{youtube}(l7iVsdRbhnc) (replace curly brackets with square brackets).
  • Change: Uncompletable games are no longer included in the completion percentage. #52
  • Change: Making a comment on an event will now bump it to the top of the feed.
  • Change: New look for events.
  • Change: New look for the blog.
  • Change: New look site footer with social links.
  • Change: New logo.
  • Change: Code restructure for the release of Ignition.
  • Change: Upgraded CodeIgniter from v2.1.4 to v2.2.0.
  • Change: Upgraded Bootstrap from v3.0 to v3.2.
  • Bug Fix: There was a missing "and" when an event contained "is playing" and one status. #51
  • Bug Fix: Some errors returned no message.