Version 0.2

A week after our initial release I’m happy to announce Version 0.2 is now live! This release focuses on usability improvements to make the site easier to use. I’ve also added an activity feed to the homepage so that you can see what your fellow gamers are doing. After feedback from users I've also modified the way your completion percentage is calculated so that it no longer include games you want. This means your percentage will no longer be dragged down if you have a large wish list.

Special thanks to Andrew Fairlie who submitted code for this release and for becoming the first contributor to the project. As always, if you have an idea, feedback or criticism you can send it to me via the social networks (Facebook, Twitter or Google+) or via a GitHub issue.


  • Feature: Collection stats now update live as filters are changed. #35
  • Feature: List and completion filters now have numbers against them. #35
  • Feature: “Add Games” button added to your collection page. #22
  • Feature: “What’s Happening” box on homepage shows recent user activity. #21
  • Feature: Custom 404 page added. #43
  • Change: Wanted games are now excluded from collection total and completion percentage. #37
  • Change: “View More” button on collection page made more prominent.
  • Change: Clicking a platform checkbox when logged out now returns a prompt to login rather than being disabled. Clicking the checkbox before a game has been added to a list prompts the user to do so. #39
  • Change: Errors have been moved to a language file to allow us to add localisation in the future. #40
  • Change: All urls are now relative paths.
  • Bug Fix: Added support for unicode in game names and descriptions. #42