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What's Happening?

himuton Can Never Complete Deus Ex: The Fall20th July, 2018 @486 .beats
himuton Owns and Can Never Complete Nox20th July, 2018 @475 .beats
napsteraqil Owns and Hasn't Finished The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit19th July, 2018 @274 .beats
himuton Hasn't Finished Life Is Strange: Before the Storm18th July, 2018 @675 .beats
Clidus is playing, Owns and Hasn't Finished Octopath Traveler16th July, 2018 @867 .beats
Jeff Owns and Hasn't Played Final Fantasy V16th July, 2018 @099 .beats
Jeff Played and Completed Dead Space16th July, 2018 @099 .beats
Clidus is playing and Hasn't Finished God of War15th July, 2018 @498 .beats
himuton Completed Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist15th July, 2018 @416 .beats
Dav1992 Owns and Completed Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time14th July, 2018 @924 .beats
Dav1992 Owns and Completed Castlevania: Harmony of Despair14th July, 2018 @924 .beats
Clidus Completed Persona 514th July, 2018 @828 .beats
himuton Wants Call of Duty: WWII11th July, 2018 @018 .beats
himuton Wants Jurassic World Evolution10th July, 2018 @497 .beats
himuton Wants Assassin's Creed Origins10th July, 2018 @495 .beats
himuton Wants Battlefield V9th July, 2018 @600 .beats
himuton Wants Dead Rising 39th July, 2018 @599 .beats
himuton Wants Dead Rising 49th July, 2018 @599 .beats
himuton Owns Dead Rising9th July, 2018 @599 .beats
himuton Wants Far Cry 59th July, 2018 @599 .beats
himuton Wants Gears of War 49th July, 2018 @598 .beats
himuton Wants Just Cause 49th July, 2018 @598 .beats
himuton Wants Shadow of the Tomb Raider9th July, 2018 @598 .beats
himuton Wants Star Wars Battlefront II9th July, 2018 @598 .beats
himuton Wants Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege9th July, 2018 @597 .beats
himuton Completed Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City8th July, 2018 @679 .beats
himuton Wants Resident Evil 28th July, 2018 @676 .beats
himuton Wants Resident Evil 7 biohazard8th July, 2018 @676 .beats
himuton Owns and Completed Resident Evil Origins Collection8th July, 2018 @674 .beats
himuton Can Never Complete Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Desert Siege8th July, 2018 @636 .beats

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