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What's Happening?

Nilfalasiel Completed Dropsy5th May, 2016 @922 .beats
Nilfalasiel Completed Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars5th May, 2016 @922 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants A Boy and His Blob4th May, 2016 @434 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants Read Only Memories4th May, 2016 @433 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle4th May, 2016 @433 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants Aquaria4th May, 2016 @433 .beats
Nilfalasiel Owns Dropsy4th May, 2016 @432 .beats
Clidus Wants Trackmania Turbo3rd May, 2016 @829 .beats
Clidus is playing Sonic Heroes25th January, 2016 @070 .beats
Biccy Played and Can Never Complete Rocket League3rd May, 2016 @782 .beats
Biccy Played and Can Never Complete Overwatch3rd May, 2016 @781 .beats
Biccy is playing, Owns and Hasn't Finished Darksiders II3rd May, 2016 @780 .beats
Haku-Kun Owns Metroid: Other M3rd May, 2016 @636 .beats
Haku-Kun Owns 999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors3rd May, 2016 @636 .beats
Haku-Kun Owns and Completed Star Fox Zero3rd May, 2016 @636 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants Technobabylon1st May, 2016 @864 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants Shardlight1st May, 2016 @864 .beats
Nilfalasiel Played Grandia1st May, 2016 @859 .beats
Nilfalasiel Played Shadow of Destiny1st May, 2016 @859 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants The Consuming Shadow1st May, 2016 @859 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants Ori and the Blind Forest1st May, 2016 @858 .beats
Nilfalasiel Wants Epistory: Typing Chronicles1st May, 2016 @858 .beats
Nilfalasiel Completed Papers, Please1st May, 2016 @840 .beats
Biccy is playing XCOM 230th April, 2016 @810 .beats
cyalins Owns Stardew Valley29th April, 2016 @561 .beats
Nilfalasiel Owns Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star28th April, 2016 @994 .beats
Nilfalasiel Completed Child of Light28th April, 2016 @993 .beats
haoji Owns and Completed Mighty Morphin Power Rangers22nd April, 2016 @935 .beats

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