Building a lemon: Do everything from search

By Clidus

One of my major nitpicks with all video game collection systems is how slow they are. Once you have everything entered, the world is your oyster, but adding that information at the start is a pain in the arse. Most sites and apps make you go down multiple levels just to add a game.

With Gaming with Lemons, you can do it all from a search result. Without going into a detail page you can add the game to your own, want, borrowed, lent or played list. Optionally, you can record the games completion status and what platforms you have it on. And because we live in the real world, you can own the game on multiple platforms.

In the future I would love to make the experience even faster by incorporating barcode scanning, however as the Giant Bomb API lacks barcodes I will need to find a way of matching games against a different database. If you have any thoughts on this idea, I would love to hear them.

Check out a preview image of the in-development search page bellow.

Posted 15th February, 2014

Building a lemon

By Clidus

I’m rubbish at playing video games. 

Well, what I mean to say is I’m rubbish at managing my video games, not actually playing the video games themselves. Okay, sometimes I’m actually rubbish at playing video games too, but that’s not the point. The point is, I’m rubbish at playing video games. I buy more games than I have time to play and I ditch what I’m currently playing the minute I see something more shiny. I’m pretty much a cat, except I don’t see hours of appeal in a single thread of string. Or do I…

What I have is a huge backlog of half-played games, and no way to manage it. I imagine you might be suffering from the same problem too. Well good news my dear friend: like a door to door salesman who just explained a problem he already has a solution for, I present to you Gaming with Lemons - something that is much better than a new set of knives. Probably.

Gaming with Lemons will be a site where you can track your gaming collection, your wishlist of future purchases, and manage that all-important backlog of shame. Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Another video game collection site, really?”. Okay, you caught me. I didn’t descend from the heavens with this idea. It’s a pretty old concept and there are lot of sites/apps/spreadsheets that do exactly this. But you know what? They are all shit. Really shit.

I’m not promising GWL isn’t going to be shit. I could truly fuck this one up. But I’m going to give it my best shot. And if that isn’t good enough, the site’s source code is going to be open source, so if you don’t like something, feel free to challenge it and make it better.

One example where I promise GWL will be better than the rest is with structured data. A lot of of the collection sites I’ve seen ask you to manually type in the names of games. This isn’t structured at all. You can’t compare your collections to others, you can’t see what games are most popular; you can’t do anything with the information. You might as well be using stone tablets. 

And this is why GWL will be different. I’m going to use Giant Bomb’s API - the world’s best user-editable video game database - to build structured, useful information around your video game collection, which will help you decide what to play next. And if you want out after giving me all your data, there will be a way to export all your information into glorious Excel spreadsheet form.

That’s the pitch anyway. The site is still in development, but feel free to like us on the Facebook or follow on the Twitter, as I will be posting regular updates on its progress and my ideas.

Posted 9th February, 2014